Monday, June 24, 2013

Big Hippie is Watching You

       Jerry’s Artarama just became the proud home of a new mural by nationally renowned mural artist, Scott Debus. Debus began his career with a series (continuing today) of large-scale, biomorphic paintings representing the faces of people well known by their names yet unrecognized on the street, such as Albert Camus. More recent studies feature musicians and dancers, exploring the form and interaction between bodies as they react to each other yet move together in harmony. 

       After moving to Charleston in 2006, Debus opened The Bogard Street Gallery and co-founded and curated the wildly popular Kulture Klash, a bi-annual, multi-media art event featuring local contemporary artists. His December 2012 mural for Art Basel Miami was among ten murals featured in the movie Step Up Revolution, where dancers camouflaged as the paintings broke out of the murals.  He was also a graffiti artist for the movie version of Rock of Ages. His work has appeared in the NY Times, Miami New Times, and other publications. 

        Scott Debus recently moved to Austin with hopes to continue his collaborative, multimedia projects within an even larger and more vibrant community. If you ever spot a 30-foot truck covered in large-scale, undulating paintings driving around the country, honk and give Scott a wave. 

        In addition to Scott Debus’ mural, Jerry’s Artarama is also hosting an elaborate showcase of his more intimate works in the store’s new local artist gallery space. Come help us celebrate this vibrant addition to the Austin mural collection on Friday, June 28, from 6-8p.