Thursday, May 20, 2010


[Every Saturday here at Jerry's we bring in a special treat - A local Austin artist comes to the store and shares their knowledge and experience with you, providing lessons about whatever it is they specialize in. It happens on Saturday from Noon-3PM and best of all, it is free! Come learn with us!]

Saturday, May 22 (12-3PM)

This weekend we will be doing a hands on workshop around the topic of gels. What they are, how to use them and why they make acrylic so special. Participants will get a chance to use 6 different gels to make small panels for themselves to use as a reference in their studios. This is a fast paced workshop with loads of information and will help anyone that has questions about why and how to use gels. We will also cover other aspects of acrylic painting from color mixing, basic technical information and I will also demonstrate the new Digital Mixed Media products and talk about the newest addition to the Golden family of products, OPEN. The workshop should take about an hour and a half to 2 hours, depending on participation and questions. There will be product to use during the hands on part of the workshop and there is no need to bring any materials, everything will be provided, with some things being allowed to be taken home. This workshop is limited to 20 people and we do suggest that you bring clothes appropriate to painting in, as things can get a bit messy.

About Beth:
I received a degree in Painting from the University of California, Irvine, and did masters work in art history from Sotheby’s in London. I have worked in the art materials industry for 22 years, originally as an outside sales person calling on designers, architects, etc. for Seattle Art and then moving to Sales Manager and VP of Sales before leaving there to start my own rep firm with my partner Paul Carpenter. We have been working as independent manufacturers’ representatives for over 17 years, and have and still do work for some of the best art supply manufacturers in the world. Throughout that time we have worked for Golden Artist Colors, and as part of the job that we do I have been doing workshops and demos for Golden for all 17 years. I have done workshops for universities in a number of states, art groups, artists retreats, national conferences and worked very closely with the Texas Art Educators Association. I have done lectures, demos and hands on workshops talking about Golden and how acrylics can be used in a variety of ways. As a general rule I do between 50 and 100 lectures/demos and workshops a year. I also still do try and find time to work in my studio, I paint, mostly doing small assemblages but also do a variety of things in paper, from book binding, card making, print making and work in a variety of media. I have visited almost all of the manufacturers I work for, and have been at Golden many times, learning all I can about the way materials are made, it is a passion of mine.

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