Friday, February 10, 2012

Creative Mark Pro Stroke Bristle Brushes

If you ask an oil painter what kind of brush they prefer, they'll most likely tell you they like a good strong bristle brush. The Chungking bristles use in the Pro Stroke brushes are perfect for working with a heavier paint such as oil. Because Chungking bristles are flagged, or forked, at the tip (Chungking bristles usually having 7 - 9 flags), they are springier and stronger and spread more easily for a greater surface area. This allows the painter to push and move larger amounts of paint over coarser surfaces such as canvas or wood panel.
"Pro Stroke Premium White Bristle Brushes are superbly hand crafted out of the finest quality pure white Chungking bristle hair. Inward natural curve of bristle hair provides a real springy response, making painting a pleasure. Natural flagged tips hold color extremely well for long and full paint strokes. Sold in sizes up to an impressive size 24 which spans 2½" width and is capable of laying down a 3" wide brush stroke.

The hair is specially processed to create a unique softness allowing the hairs to work in unison for incredibly sure strokes with either Rounds, Brights, Flats or Filberts. Hair is hand tied, placed in seamless nickel plated brass ferrules and glued and crimped onto balanced matte black long wood handles with distinctive silver dipped ends. They are excellent for oils and work beautifully with acrylics, caseins, watercolor, alkyds and egg tempera too. They are among the very best produced for serious artists among all skill levels.

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