Tuesday, April 17, 2012

On the Gallery Wall - James Cochran, April 15 - May15

A terrible photo of James' really great paintings.
James Cochran began drawing and painting as a child, executing pen and ink drawings colored with watercolor washes. His formal training began as an art major at UT.  While stationed with the Air Force in Germany, he was mentored by a master German artist in Darmstadt and later by a Polish artist in Bremerhaven.  Back in Austin, he attended Saturday sessions watching and learning from A. D. Greer, a master landscape and still life painter.  He works in all media but is primarily known for his oil and watercolor paintings.  His travels through Europe, Africa, England, Thailand, the Caribbean and North America give him a broad perspective of life. 

See more of his work online here
"Das Komitee" by James Cochran (Oil on Canvas, 4'x4')
Or come see his work in person, hanging on the Gallery Wall in the store from April 15 to May 15.  

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