Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Deb's Pastel Portrait Class Testimonial

We received another email from another satisfied artist who took Deb's Pastel workshop. We thought we'd share it with you:

"Dear Deb,

I took your portrait class a couple of months ago and found it to be very inspiring and right on.  I am sending you my first attempt on my own and what I learned from doing it on my own.
By Marie Rockey
First you were right!  You were right about a lot of things.  I made all of these mistakes and I laughed each time I realized my mistake.
  • 1) Do not use photo paper for your grid picture. It is glossy and you cannot mark well on it.
  • 2) Do make sure your photo is the actual size you are going to draw.  Mine was not and it was very difficult to improvise.
  • 3)  Make sure you have a very crisp picture the size you need.  Mine was blown up from a very small snapshot and all the lines and details were fuzzy.
  • 4)  DO NOT use black pastel to draw the Grid Lines, no, no, no!
  • 5)  And finally DO NOT eat cheesy rice or anything close to the picture you are drawing.  Of course I choked on it and I am lucky my subject has a very speckled complexion because some of that is oil stains.
 I am looking forward to attempting another one,  and this time, I will be more prepared.
Again, I totally enjoyed the time spent with you in the class and hopefully will be doing another in the future.


Marie Rockey"

Join us this weekend for another one of Deb's FANTASTIC Pastel workshops! Call the store or stop by for more info. 

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