Monday, December 7, 2009

By the Buy(er)

Your Once-a-Week to What's Cool or New!

Hey it's snarko!, your buyer. I've been changing the store up with some new and exciting products, plus bringing you updates to your old friends you probably want to hear about.

This will become a once-a-week blog, but for those that have missed out:
  1. We have our first shipment of OLD HOLLAND OIL COLOR in stock.

  2. NEW: PAN PASTELS. Currently available in five different kits. Tell me you love them, and they go open-stock.

  3. We have Iwata AIRBRUSH and right now, a good deal on a starter set. Please talk to me about further needs.

  4. NEW: JACQUARD MARBLING KITS. Come check it out they're on sale through Christmas.
Upcoming: raw wax, damar, and other stews.

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