Thursday, December 3, 2009


Make sure you make it out to Co-Lab (613 Allen St. Austin TX 78702) this Saturday or Sunday to see an installation by our staff-member Joshua Saunders. It will make you believe!

Installation: Saturday, December 5, 7-11PM
Open Hours: Sunday, December 6, 12-5PM

Hanged man is a collection of items purchased from the blue hanger and then organized over the course of two years. All the items belonging to this collection were previously owned by someone the collector has never known. There are serious variations within the collection, some items feel like an inside joke, while others invite you to remember the terminal nature of a human lifespan. Some items seem topical while others seem very intimate. Some items make the collection itself feel inappropriate and distort the idea of ownership. Hanged man is about intrinsic value and what items we define our lives with in relation to a saturation point in which items that appear as treasures take on the transient life of trash. The organization of these materials hopes to offer a momentary glance in to the lives of those you don't know while provoking thoughts about self projection in conjunction with personal ownership and value.

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