Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Museum Wax, Gamblin Oil, Electric Erasers

COOL: MUSEUM WAX. Imagine if poster tack actually worked? It had Brittany jumping up and down and sticking silly things (including the product itself) to walls with glee.

Made from a blend that includes Crystalline wax, it will secure framed and unframed work onto any waterproof surface so it can't keep become slightly crooked when you're not looking. Just knead into soft balls and place on back of frame and to secure it to the wall, or use under your pottery so your cats can't topple it.

Removable completely with mineral spirits, though your own fingers can get off most of it.

GAMBLIN OIL COLOR and mediums now back in stock. One of the lowest-toxic oil paints in the isle, made in the USA, with pure color and linseed with amazing working properties. To use them to the ultimate and see what I'm saying in person, don't miss Dana Brown's demonstration on Saturday.

PS: Get to know Gamsol. The poor model on Monday at an art session I attend collapsed from turpenoid fumes (she's okay).

NEW: QUICK-FIX BATTERY-POWERED ERASER for fast fixes and quick Shamwows.

Did I actually just make that a verb?

On sale through February.

Upcoming: Derwent watercolor pencil open stock, Copic markers, decorative paper.

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