Friday, February 19, 2010


[Every Saturday here at Jerry's we bring in a special treat - A local Austin artist comes to the store and shares their knowledge and experience with you, providing lessons about whatever it is they specialize in. It happens on Saturday from Noon-3PM and best of all, it is free! Come learn with us!]


"I'm a bookbinder who specializes in making journals. I've kept a journal my own self since 1970. It has evolved over the years from a sketchbook with class notes from college classes, into a documentation of my wonderful life and friends and family. I teach classes in making and keeping journals.

I've been keeping journals since I was eighteen. Over the years the way I keep journals has evolved from a haphazard, mostly visual style to a more text-oriented journal. Since all of my journals fell apart by the time I was finished with them -- due to addition of ephemera and general hard use -- I decided to learn how to bind my own books. Little did I know that I would end up changing careers -- from graphic design to bookbinding!"

-Wendy Hale Davis, South Austin

$5.00 kit fee. Only 20 kits so come early!

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