Wednesday, December 7, 2011


We are very excited to announce that we will be carrying 2 lines of spray paint by the famous Montana Colors for the first time!

We will be carrying the Montana Hardcore & the Alien Art Concept cans. Come check them out!

Montana Hardcore (from their website):
Introduced in 1995, the Hardcore line was available one year after the launch of Montana Colors S.L. in Barcelona. Through the years, this synthetic glossy formula has been the staple of boutique spray paint.

Unlike other spray cans, Hardcore was the end result of years of artist feedback. Utilizing what the masses want, Montana Colors crafted a premier spray paint line that is both cost effective and surpasses the industry standard of what makes a great spray paint. 
More info on the Hardcore line here.  
Alien Art Concept:
To date, Alien is by far the single most precise can on the market. Designed for artists who want exceptional control, Montana Colors delivers a small, light weight can that provides great nimblness. This is extremely beneficial for artists looking to hold cans for extended periods of time.
Ease of use, powerful control, and a slew of interesting colors, Alien supports the need for artistic dexterity.Alien features a highly sensitive, low pressure, female valve with a high pigment concentration and a satin finish. 
More info on the Alien line here.

Brittany & Lauren setting up the cages for the new lines. (With Montana Gold in the background - MTN Colors is not to be confused with Montana Gold cans, which is a different company & a line that we will continue to carry!)

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