Thursday, December 8, 2011

Jerry's T-Shirt Design Contest winners!

CONGRATULATIONS to Kevin Munoz, the 1st place winner of the Jerry's T-Shirt Design Contest!

 Here he is receiving his giant fake check from our manager Catherine in front of the store (he also won a real $100 giftcard to the store): 

Kevin, a local designer, submitted this gem:

which received a whopping 149 votes! We're all excited to get to wear it and hope you are too, as we'll be selling them in the store at the beginning of next year.

Check out more of Kevin's work here!

...AND we're excited to announce a special runner-up prize! David Tenorio & Daniella Valerio's design got so many votes that we decided to award them with a second place prize!

They submitted this great design:
which received 134 votes! They won a $50 giftcard to Jerry's AND we will be printing their design and selling their t-shirt as well!

Check out more of Daniella's work here

and more of David's work here!

We'll have more information soon about the printing and availability of the t-shirts. Stay tuned for news and more contests!

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