Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Color Mixing and Matching, Texture without Limits, Pastel Primers

COLOR WHEELS ARE IN! This only happens twice a year, so don't miss out.

From the Magic Palette line comes two new additions worth checking out for your color mixing and matching delight.

NEW: The Color Matching Guide eliminates the question, "What color did they use?" Set includes 36 pure artist's tube colors printed on individual cards with 144 tints and shades to help professional artists identify colors with greater ease and consistency.

NEW: The Mixing Color Guide shows a world of color possibilities... and just how to get there! Take out the guesswork: 324 colors explained from just 18 tubes of paint.

Cool: MATISSE DRY MEDIUMS. Yeah, some of the effects are achievable through acrylic mediums sold by various companies: but what if I don't want my glass beads in a gel medium? What if I want to use it with oil painting?

If you are acrylic, quite frankly from using them, it's just cooler the medium isn't as "manufactured" looking in the end when you've mixed it yourself. My favorites:
Glass Beads in two different sizes. Far more useful for a variety of textures than glass bead gels.

Ferrous Powder is a water resistant dark grey magnetic coating. You experimenters will love it: I recently got it to repel all oxides on a painting to a non-achievable-otherwise effect. If you figure out how to get it to rust (a warning of how "not" to use it), let me know. I'm still trying to get it to do it.

Wollastonite can be used to create a superb textured surface for pastels, pencils and charcoal. Wollastonite produces a more uneven texture than other acrylic primers for pastels that we carry, making it perfect for harder pastels.

Yes, we carry several ACRYLIC PRIMERS FOR PASTELS. For those who like sanded papers without the work, we carry Sennelier and Kitty Wallis sanded papers. But for those who'd like to create their own--or draw or paint with pastel over an underpainting--we offer several acrylic options that open the doors to limitless multi-media possibilities:

GOLDEN Acrylic Ground for Pastels is the finest tooth we carry. It will produce a similar tooth to the Sennelier or Kitty Wallis. It can be combined with other medias to make it more coarse/less even.

MATISSE Transparent Gesso is a bit grittier but better for colored pencils or hard pastels. It can be combined with any Matisse background color for limitless color options.

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