Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Walnut Oil, Colored and Clear Gesso, Silly Putty

You asked, we sought, and it's finally delivered:

This is the palest of the oils used in paint manufacturing. It too has a similar effect on slowing the drying rate as compared to using linseed.

It is made from nuts, so anyone with an allergy to nuts shouldn't use it: the rest of you, go nuts!

Other Charvin mediums you don't need to be an alchemist to figure out how to use also now in stock.

back in stock. Who doesn't love Silly Putty?

MATISSE BACKGROUND COLORS & CLEAR SEALER. Despite their names (Aussies are weird sometimes, like that crocodile hunter or the dude on the Animal Channel that wrestles sharks or the rugby team that jumped from above my third-story apartment into an eight-foot pool; one broke her arm), both are some of the best gesso I have ever used.

Background Colors are colored gesso--available in 40 colors--that dry quickly, spread like a dream, and have excellent binding properties. Thin but highly pigmented, used directly from jar they dry to a flat (no sanding!), velvet base for both oil and acrylic painting.

Light colors need only one coat; darker you may want two. Either way, a little goes far: mixed with water, excellent for underpainting.

Clear Sealer
is not a top-coat; it is a clear gesso and the perfect solution to "seal" any picky substrate: new wood that still has tannins, concrete, stone or terracotta that water is trying to penetrate (common in Texas), glass, steel, marble, plastic, more.

A single coat on wood or cement will leave it looking just as it was, but now your paint sticks to it without peeling off. Works under oils as well as acrylics.

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  1. Walnuts are tree nuts...Peanuts are grown in the ground...Linseed or flaxseed also grows in the ground...People with nut allergies are sensitive also to linseed/flaxseed...In fact, walnuts show less sensitivity for peanut allergy sensitives than linseed- linseed oil being the most commonly used oil in painting...Walnut oil would prove less of a problem for peanut allergy sufferers than linseed oil...